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Camp Green

Optimise building energy consumption



Why? : POC for Panasonic

Scope: User Research & Design strategy, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Product proposal

Image by Simone Hutsch

What did I solve?


To optimise the energy consumption of buildings and reduce cost

Understand B2B environment and propose some concrete product ideas.


Companies with big office campus or buildings.


An IoT platform which gathers and analyzes data from all sorts of devices (i.e.: heating systems, air conditioners, projectors, printers, lightbulbs, telepresence, computers, servers, etc. ).


The market research team recently shared that office workers are increasingly interested to know how they consume energy at work. The company leadership wants to seize the opportunity, scale their business to their customers's employees and build new features to help save energy at scale. The employees are the new user type.

Researching the ecosystem

Building energy consumption


of total EU energy consumption is building energy consumption


Companies with big office campus or buildings

by 2040

Amazon will go carbon neutral using electric delivery vehicals and solar power.

by 2030:

Apple announced its plan to become carbon neutral across its entire business, manufacturing supply chain and product life cycle

About the users

Trends & Behaviours


of high education/high income people would change brand if a company was negatively portrayed by the media on their social responsibility, and sustainability is now an important factor within corporate social responsibility.

(a survey of 8000 consumers in US)


of British workers are concerned about wasting energy in the office.


saved by a company called Rek Bitola in Macedonia by cutting down energy consumption by 2.97% by training their employees, without any investment of money.


Apple announced its plan to become carbon neutral across its entire business, manufacturing supply chain and product life cycle

Direct and indirect effects of commitment to one's organisation on energy saving intentions

Mean scores for motivations to save energy at work 

Story this data unfolds

  • There are several motivational factors among employees, the strongest being concern for the environment.

  • In addition to environmental concern, energy saving motivations exist which may actually complement work performance goals, and provide guidance on the design of energy saving interventions and campaigns

  • Employees have strong intent to act on energy saving behaviours, provided that relevant actionable knowledge and systems are in place.

What's in it for the companies?

They can scale the existing solution to reach to employees of the customers and create monitisation channels.

What's in it for the customers?

  • Save costs considerably with less investment.

  • Improve the Brand Image and recognition with employees

  • Improve employee satisfaction and relationship.


Why do people go green?

  • Clean and Green Environment

  • Slowdown Climate Change

  • Ensure Better Future

  • Reduce Bills

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint and prevent pollution


Problem synthesis

  • How might we help Pia to contribute at saving energy at office and improve sustainability?

  • How might we keep Pia engaged and motivated towards saving enery consumption at office, without interrupting her work ?

  • How might we help Pia to visualise her contribution towards sustainbility at office?

  • How might we help Pia to build habits & behaviour patterns which save energy?

Design strategy: The Hook Model

  • Enable Employees to make informed decisions about the energy usage and carbon footprint.

  • Help employees to cultivate habits which eventually save energy consumption at office.

Suggested solution

  • A Mobile app for the employees with relevant features.

  • A Dashboard with the relevant features as an enhancement to the existing employee portal

Information Architecture

Product modules and tasks

Visual Designs

iPhone 12 Pro Free Mockup.png

Interactive Prototype

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